Sierra de Las Nieves, Spain

The Sierra de las Nieves Mountain range and surroundings constitute one of the great and scarce ecological resources of Andalusia, an area of great beauty, with a variety of fauna and flora that reminds one of Spain's ancestral times. The mountain range will let the traveler enjoy one of the richest natural ecological enclaves of Spain in the form of a very pleasant adventure.

You won't find any densely populated areas within the parks perimeter, although some small towns and villages do exist such as Guaro, Istán, Clean, Ojén, Parauta , Round , Tolox and Yunquera. These towns are of Arab or morisco origin, and conserve intact the structure of their narrow and winding streets and other important architectonic features. These very attractive fftowns and their surroundings offer landscapes showing the natural relics of fauna and flora, a popular gastronomy, rich crafts and mostly, the friendlyness of its people.

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As we begin our ascent, we could see the city of Estepona in the background and a lake.


We were able to visit a goat farm in the mountains. We milked the goats and even sampled some of the very delicious goat cheese they made.

Ev holds one of the baby goats on the farm


Some of the beautiful scenery we experienced during our tour.

This is a picture of believe it or not ... a Cork Tree


This water fountain has been in use for so long that the stone around has already worn out as women come and lay their urns against it.

Our Monte Aventura tour guide - thanks buddy!


Wild flowers in Sierra de las Nieves

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