Our Rat Terrier Babies

The Rat Terrier breed descends from terriers brought to America by some ot our working class immigrants and possibly including crosses between the Smooth Fox and ManchesterTerriers and the now extinct white English Terri and other crosses by early immigrants using old time Fox Terriers and other 19th century European Terriers. Later on, some corossing was made with Beagles, Toy Fox Terriers, Italian Greyhounds and other Feist breeds. These dogs are medium sized, muscular and medium boned, have a deep chest, strong shoulders, solid neck, and powerful legs. During the 1910s and 1920s, Rat Terriesr were used very commonly as farm dogs. They are very happy, intelligent, alert and loving dogs and while friendly to other dogs and people can be very protective.

Rat Terriers can make excellent companions for anyone, especially the elderly. You should know however that they are fairly territorial and stubborn - they make great watchdogs. Nobody comes to our front door without been noticed even before they knock or ring the door bell - our little protectors immediately go into defensive posture. They do enjoy playing a lot and for us geting a second rat terrier does give us plenty of rest between play and scheduled walks. Our Rat Terriers play a lot as you can see in some of the pictures below.

Pick your toys carefully - these dogs do play hard and some toys may not last longer than a few minutes. This link will take you to a page where you can
observe the demise met by many of the toys we have bought our Rat Terriers. Hope you enjoy these pictures of our babies.

Here is a link to help you search for
books about rat terriers through amazon. And here is one to help you search for books about dogs in general.

Finally, here is a link so you can
llook at toys and treats for your Rat Terrier (or any other breed)

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Here is a picture of Bowie when we first got her.

Here is Greta when she was a little baby - she's still a baby to us.

 A picture of bowie with one of her toys, Elmer. Elmer lasted about one week.

 This is a recent picture of Greta at the "puppy park".

 This is another picture of Bowie when she was little - she still has the same cute little face

 Here is a picture of our Rat Terrier baby girls


Here's Greta sleeping in Daddy's lap

Another picture of Greta when she was a baby

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