Town of Mijas, Spain

The beautiful village of Mijas is a typical Andalusian village, perched high above Fuengirola and Mijas Costa - looking up at the little village during the long ascent to it the houses look like hundreds of sugar cubes all with with spectacular views of the coast and surrounded by heavily wooded mountains. There are no main thoroughfares here but a web of narrow cobble stone streets adorned with terraces overflowing with geraniums, red tile roofs, archways and, of course, an occasional chirruping canary. Since its discovery in the sixties close to sixty nationalities have made the town their home. The impact of such population growth and cultural diversity can be observed through the international cuisine, cosmopolitan clubs and associations and, in general, the influence of foreign culture and the arts. The village has still managed to retain many of its quaint traditions, one of the most unusual being the donkey-taxis which line the central plaza. The village dates back to ancient times - there are two Mudejar churches there to prove it, as well as the sanctuary of the patron saint of Mijas, dating back to the year 850.

The views from almost anywhere in the town are truly spectacular and I must tell you that we enjoyed the local cuisine inmensely. Bus transportation is available from nearby towns - I would not try to walk my way up to the town on foot unless you are in great physical condition.

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Church dedicated to the Virgin of the Rocks (La Virgen de La Peña).

The township of Mijas - for Peace.


Donkey Cabs - still a popular means of transportation in Mijas.

A few stores along one of the town's narrow streets.


Beautiful view of the coastline from the town of Mijas.


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